I've build websites and campaigns for the biggest brands in Europe and in Finland by working mostly with digital and advertising agencies, as well with startups.

Worked for...

  1. Automattic

    We are the people behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, Akismet, Gravatar, and more.
  2. Freelancer

    Developer & Designer
    I worked as a freelance developer and designer for over a decade with some of the biggest agencies in Finland, companies from different industries and startups. Some of my agency clients were SEK, Into-Digital, Crasman, Ad Kiivi and many more.
  3. Trustroots Foundation


    Trustroots Foundation is a non-profit running free-economy travel community at Trustroots.org. We have 27K members around the world.
  4. Byroo Ltd

    Byroo was a digital advertising agency based in Helsinki (now part of Creuna). Clients included many of the biggest advertising agencies in Finland and notable brands.
  5. Into-Digital Ltd

    Art Director
    Again I worked on the cutting edge of the Finnish digital media. Customers included many of the largest companies and brands in Finland and Europe.
  6. Gemilo Ltd

    Graphic designer
    Gemilo is a social media solution agency and was listed as one of the most interesting startups in Finland. My work included website designs and GUI-design for their products.
  7. Into-Digital Ltd

    Art Director
    Customers included many of the largest companies and brands in Finland and Europe.
  8. Älypää Ltd,
    Sanoma Digital Finland

    Graphic designer
    Graphic design for Flash/mobile games for Alypaa.com and their customers. Älypää is the largest online quiz community in Finland with over half a million unique visitors a month. Customers included some of the largest companies and brands in Finland, including Alko, Viking Line, Nintendo, SAK, S-ryhmä, and Itella.
  9. Freelancing for culture productions
  10. Culture magazine Kulkuri

    Kulkuri was a biweekly culture magazine and event calendar based in Jyväskylä Finland, with a distribution of around 5000 copies.


Plenty of projects as a freelancer for large and small clients. I've worked around the world — in Finland, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA and Singapore. I've also worked with exhibitions, several small magazines, and have been an instructor and lecturer.

I'm a very active open source contributor, e.g. MeanJS, AgendaJS and more.

I've co-organised VilniusJS meetups and a dozen small and big hackathons over the years.

Since 2008 co-running some big free-economy travel sites such as Hitchwiki, Nomadwiki and more. We get over 150K unique visitors a month.

2006—2008 I was involved with Live Herring workgroup, increasing the exposure of Nordic media-art in workshops, lectures and exhibitions. In 2008—2010 I contributed to the consumer and climate activism collective Carrotmob.
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